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”How is Sheffield?”
”You haven’t even e-mailed me!”
”Are you working down ‘the list’ ”?
I am SO sorry that it’s taken me so long to finally manage to tell you guys (if anyone is interested) what’s going on.
First things first: Welcome to Bobadspeak! This is my official I’m-in-the-UK-and-I-want-to-show-off-about-it space. Is that a look of curiosity I see on your face? Bobad, you ask? Yes. Bobad.
Ladies and gentlemen, the history of the word Bobad goes back to around 2005. My boyfriend at the time used to call me Bobo, and Anusuya Tandon, in a burst of genius, decided to give me my Bhojpuri nickname. And by God, it’s stuck. 🙂
So, now that the formalities and history lessons are done with, on to what I’ve been up to in Sheffield!
When some of you last saw me, I was kicking you out of my house while you laughed at how much luggage I was carrying. 😛 (Bhoomika and Nikhil, this does not apply to you. 🙂 )
One of you last heard me crying on the phone in the airport about how much I was going to miss everyone.
After that came a long-ass haul to Heathrow where 2 shots of rum knocked me out cold (*ashamed*), a stopover where I had my first taste of orgasmic British ham, and then a 35-minute flight to Manchester, where I was received by the aptly-yet-cheesily-name ‘Meet and Greet’ Service. 4 hours later (I was kind of excited to see traffic 😉 ) I was in Opal 2- a student accommodation complex with Blocks A-H (I think it could be F), a laundry, common room and health club. The first thing that excited me about Opal was how hi-tech it was. My key opens the door to the entire block, the door to A block, the door only to Flat 12, and only to flat D within said flat.
After the initial reverie was over and done with, panic kicked in:
”They don’t have bedding!”
”There is no WAY that THIS cupboard is going to fit all my clothes!”
”OMFG! Where am I going to hang my chaddis?????”
Thus began a series of events so well-planned and executed that I’m sure Noah was looking down on me and my mum going, ”Dude, now THAT is awesome.”
I like to call it Steps to an awesomer you!

Essential Provisions:

1. Nerves of steel. (Or balls, where applicable).
Be prepared for this: You will embark on your trip with thiiiissss much money:
Money money money!
…and you will come back with this much money.

(That, by the way, is a 5p coin).

2. Financial backing (or sponsorship).
[Read: Parental love/hard-earned dough].
When it comes to this point, an undeniable fact is that the harder you work to procure said finances, the less eager you will be to spend it.

3. Sturdy shoes.
Girls, shopping in heels is NOT a god idea, especially in a hilly are like Sheffield. Ask the poor Caucasian female I saw curled up in a corner of Marks and Spencer’s, cradling her feet. 😐

4. A list of things you need.
This will keep you more or less on track. Nevertheless, you are bound to go and buy more (if you are of a female disposition) or less (if you are of a male or Anisha disposition) than is required. Suddenly, a doorstopper, or a bookmark will seem like excellent ideas, ladies, while cleaning liquid and utensils might take a back seat, boys.
This is why number 5 on my list is THE MOST IMPORTANT provision of all!! (*Thunderous voice*)
*drum roll………………….*

5. A Sensible Companion. (SC)
Uncles, you need your aunties. Babies, bring your babas. An SC is by far THE most essential thing on a shopping extravaganza. There came a point when I rushed out of a trial room in a store screaming, “MAKE THE MADNESS STOP! I CAN’T TRY ON ANY MORE COATS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Hearing this, my SC (Mummy) clonked me on the head, spun me around a few times, handed me 3 more coats, and sent me back inside. Thank you, Ma. I owe you one.

After having acquired everything I needed (yes, I now have a place to hang my chaddis), I proceeded to fit into a life entirely different from mine. That was one month ago. And what a journey it’s been. 🙂

Thank you for reading my welcome post!
Next: What’s been happening since 19th September?
Stay tuned. 🙂